Identify the price of mobile app development

Many of us have thought of creating some mobile application (in the further text referred as an application) for our business or idea that can become a business. I think I will not be wrong in saying that the main purpose of an app is that one feature that will differentiate our app from bunch of others and bring us users and value to our business, but we also have to keep in mind all the other features that every app has and that are common for almost every existing application. The majority of mobile apps out there have similar functionality and you have to have them in your app too.

Certainly, many of us have thought of creating apps similar to it. But where to start and which options to include? What is more important, what to include in first release and the most important how much is it going to cost?

The recommendation is that in the first release you should consider the following features: registration, creating/editing profile, settings, linking with different social media, integrating geolocation, implementing search and your app specific features lets say uploading pictures and videos, customizing photos and google map.

The time of development of each feature depends on its complexity. Usually, total hours per project are around 600h.

Regarding price Eastern Europe developers are on equal footing with Western Europe and US ones in point of code quality. At the same time, their hourly rate is significantly less. So you can count that if you hire company from this region is going to charge you from 35 to 65 dollars per hour per developer depending on developer seniority.

Price Of Mobile Development


Note that iOS application development takes a little less time due to the fewer number of devices to adapt the application for. In terms of this, Android development takes up to 20% more time and in that way, it’s that much expensive.

You should decide how to start development and for which platform first. Agree, it is not so easy to choose in the conditions when it comes to the two giants, which are equally good and meet a number of requirements. So, you should do research what is better for your business depending on your target group and location.

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