My optimal Android Studio setup

Android Studio brings tons of keyboard shortcuts that helps developers to keep hands more on keyboard rather than relying much on the mouse. The lesser you use mouse, results in faster development.

Android Studio

Here are some general tips how to boost your productivity and get your development on a higher level.

No more Tabs

There are many ways to navigate a project inside Android Studio that doesn’t necessarily include having to look through a list of tabs and figure out where you have to click next.

Switch tabs off. You don’t need tabs.

No more Tabs

I got this idea from this excellent post by Hadi Hariri.

Distraction free

Trust me when I say that while you are coding you don’t need in your sight all the small buttons and the line numbers that are around your editor. Actually, ask your self when was the last time that you looked at line number?

Distraction free mode


Plugins can help you to do some boring everyday things like implementing parcelable code or generating some other boilerplate code that you need to do often or even with navigation. So choose your plugins carefully as they are you weapon of choice. Here are some that I’m using:


Well, let us see some of the shortcuts for android studio for Mac user. If you get used to this shortcuts and remember them your coding and navigation will be peace of cake.

Default Android Studio Shortcuts

Command Type Shortcut
Display list of available auto-fixes for code warning/error at cursor Alt+Enter
Rename all copies of the variable/method/class at cursor Shift+F6
Generate code (incl. getters, setters, constructors, method overrides) Cmd+N
Reformat code to conform to Android Studio’s default style Cmd+Alt+L
Comment/Uncomment all selected lines (also works in xml files) Cmd+/
Find text in the current file Cmd+F
Search for and open any file by name (filters as you type) Cmd+Shift+O
Search for and list any occurrences of text Cmd+Shift+F
Search for and go to any symbol (incl. variables and methods) Alt+Cmd+O
Find and replace in current file Cmd+R
Show available parameters for current method Cmd+P
Show class structure in pop-up Cmd+F12
List all usages of the variable/method/class at cursor Cmd+Cmd+F7
List recently viewed files in pop-up Cmd+E
List recently edited files in pop-up Cmd+Shift+E
List implementations/overrides of class/interface/method at cursor Cmd+Alt+B
View code hierarchy for symbol in pop-up Ctrl+Cmd+H
View full refactor menu Ctrl+T
View javadoc of symbol at cursor in pop-up F1
View definition of method at cursor in pop-up Cmd+Y
Skip back/forward through cursor position history Cmd+[/]
Go to the declaration of the variable/method/class at cursor Cmd+B
Go to given line number in current file Cmd+L
Go to next highlighted error in current file F2
Move code line at cursor up/down Alt+Shift+up/down
Move code block at cursor up/down Cmd+Shift+up/down
Duplicate current line Cmd+D
Complete statement (add braces, parentheses, semi-colon) Cmd+Shift+Enter
Insert new line below current cursor position Shift+Enter
Toggle Project sidebar Visibility Cmd+1
Toggle Run sidebar Visibility Cmd+4
Toggle LogCat sidebar Visibility Cmd+6
Build and Run Ctrl+R
Run Cmd+F9
Debug Ctrl+Alt+D
Clipboard history Cmd+Shift+V
Project settings Cmd+,

Custom Android Studio Shortcuts

For some common repetitive everyday tasks I added some custom shortcuts

Command Type Shortcut
Sync with Gradle Alt+Shift+S
Compare with same repository version Cmd+Shift+D
Clean project Cmd+Shift+L
Duplicate line Ctrl+Cmd+down
Delete line Cmd+D